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HAAS Alert is a technology platform that enables critical safety information to be shared in real-time with drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. It helps increase visibility by using connected vehicle networks to alert drivers when they are approaching high-risk areas or incidents such as an accident, a pedestrian crossing the street, or a cyclist riding on the roadway. By providing this early warning system and utilizing data from multiple sources including sensors, cameras, and smartphones, HAAS Alert aims to reduce traffic fatalities and create safer communities.


• Automated Emergency Vehicle Alerts: HAAS Alert sends automated alerts to vehicles, helping to reduce collisions and ensure the safety of motorists and first responders.

• Proactive Safety Notifications: When an emergency vehicle is approaching, HAAS Alert gives drivers a heads-up so they can take action to get out of the way quickly and safely.

• Early Warning System: By providing early warnings to drivers and pedestrians, HAAS Alert helps save lives by reducing the risk of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians or other obstacles in their path.

• Enhanced Visibility: The system provides enhanced visibility for emergency personnel, alerting them to hazards in their path or potential dangers ahead due to traffic conditions or congestion on the roadways during an emergency response situation.

• Real-time Data Analytics: With real-time data analytics, HAAS Alert provides insights into how quickly drivers are responding to warning messages about approaching emergency vehicles and whether there are potential problems with traffic flow that may require additional measures for protection or assistance from first responders on the scene during an incident response situation.


• Increased Safety for Drivers & Pedestrians: By providing early warnings about approaching emergency vehicles, HAAS alert helps reduce the likelihood of collisions between cars & pedestrian which potentially help save lives at times when seconds count most!

• Improved Efficiency on Roadways: The system provides increased awareness among drivers & first responders that help prevent delays & accidents which ultimately increases efficiency on roadways during both routine & emergent situations alike!

• Reduced Costs Associated with Damage After Collisions: With improved visibility for both motorists & first responders due to automated notifications by this system, it reduces costs associated with damage after a collision that could result from a delayed response time when seconds count most!

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