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All-in-one time tracking software. It allows employees to punch in and out using their mobile devices. It automatically generates reports about employee work hours, and breaks for easy access by administrators. From the dashboard, supervisors can set standard hours, breaks, overtime hours, automatic weekly or daily reports, and see which vehicles or buildings employees are in.

Features And Benefits

• Automatic location detection – no need for employees to scan QR codes when they enter a location.

• Low setup costs when the fleet is already equipped with Geotab devices.

• No additional Geotab or TSP device to begin tracking employee working hours.

• Make time tracking more convenient through a mobile app

• Can easily monitor employee productivity and time spent on customer locations

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Choose a membership

Free Nil Base >100 vehciles Professional >3000 vehicles
Monthly cost
$0 $1/vehicle
Fixed monthly platform fees
$0 $500
One time setup cost
$0 $5K
For each membership plan:
Yes Yes
No Priority Support
TSP Integration
Available TSPs* Available TSPs and 2 free new TSPs addition
App Integration
No Complex Integration supported
Customer Addition
Paid Free
* ZenduONE supports 10 TSPs - Geotab, Samsara, TRAX, Sierra Wireless, Keep Truckin, Verizon Connect, Webfleet, Teletrac Navman, Precise,-