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Conceptualized specifically for high-value fleet operators, ZenduCAM, integrates purpose-designed DVR along with an array of high-quality, rugged external and in-cabin cameras to provide 360° coverage around your fleet. This eliminates blind spots thus drastically improving the overall safety while reducing the number of fleet and pedestrian-related incidents.


• ZenduCAM 360 – Multi-Camera system integrates an array of best-in-class purpose-driven video and telematics systems that can be customized based on vehicles and requirements to suit your needs thus offering maximum flexibility, for fleet operations

• Integrated dash cameras record fully retrievable high-definition footage of what happened before, during, and after a critical event. The 360-degree footage of drivers’ trips helps managers to analyze the road event in detail helping them to coach and protect drivers from vehicle accidents, frauds, and other unforeseen hazards.

• The multi dash cam solution combines powerful front, rear, near, and offside camera setup in addition to driver-facing and road-facing cameras to enhance the drivers’ visibility of what is behind and beside them, thus preventing blind-spot collisions and increasing driver’s performance.

• The solution is hugely effective as a theft deterrent. If the fleet is vandalized or broken into, the cameras on both the inside and outside of the fleet or cargo will be able to capture the convict on video and help authorities further the investigation process along.

• The solution comes with built-in GPS capabilities and the option of fully connected 4G / 3G LTE modules which helps managers to track and access real-time position and video footage of their fleet operations. ZenduCAM 360 also combines the real-time GPS data along with the footage from multi-cameras to provide comprehensive visibility into driver performance, fleet usage, cargo condition, and other aspects of fleet operations on the go.


• Up to 5 Channel Camera System For side, rear and internal camera set up

• Remote Retrieval and Live Streaming For critical recorded events to understand liability within minutes

• All in One Coaching Dashboard Insights enabled for the Fleet Managers and Drivers

• 360 Degree Visibility Eliminates blind spots and reduces risks of theft & pilferage

• HD Recording Support Supports for 1080p high-definition footage

• AI and ADAS Enabled Monitor high-risk behavior to prevent accidents before they can happen

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